About Me

Hello, my name is Oliver Raškov and I‘m your host on this blog. Here you will find a few words about me. I hope that you find here provided informations as useful, in your hobby or work. Wish you all the best and feel free to contact me.

My skills and interest in computer science started to develop way back in my elementary school days, back in ‘80.-es. I wrote my first code in MS Basic v1.1 and it was about geometry – triangles, squares etc. In those days it seemed unbelievable that a kid had programmed a computer (“What a weirdo, it would be better for him to play outside with a ball!”). So, now you think that I’m more like a tech dinosaur coming from the CP/M era!? But hey, I’m not even close to half of my career! It’s just creepy how time flies and even more creepy how fast technology develops these days.

And as time passed from compact cassette to usb flash I became a fully developed IT professional, Open Source advocate and active Linux user.

Most of my career I spent working as a System Administrator / System Engineer. I am fully skilled in Linux, Unix and MS Windows, as in networking and scripting. Although my preference is and I am advanced and experienced Linux professional, my skills and experience in MS Windows are humongous and date back to DOS and Windows 3.0 era.

All these years I worked as software developer too. Mostly on small private projects, but for few years I also worked as a developer on professional level. I fully understand the process of software development top to bottom, and team collaboration platforms. My programming languages of choice are C/C++ and Python, but I am also skilled in Basic, Pascal, JavaScript, C#, HTML and PHP.

As a meter of databases I am fully skilled and experienced in SQL especially in MySQL and MS-SQL.

Since the year 2000. I actively work as a teacher/tester in local community center. During those years I worked on various courses:

  • programming courses in C/C++, Visual Basic and Delphi,
  • web starter courses in HTML and PHP, and
  • various computer literacy courses like ECDL*.

One of my favourite quotes is: “I know one thing: that I know nothing.” – Socrates, and I try to live in accordance with it. So during all these years I tend to further develop my skills. I attend courses and seminars (webinars) and also self educate myself.

Currently I am employed as CEO in IT company Raskov Ltd. Together with our longtime partner, an accounting company Racunovodstvo Ltd we work on solving the issue of accounting correctness and quality control.

* ECDL – European Computer Driving Licence an EU wide recognised certificate www.ecdl.org